Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Defining Elegance --

There is a very elegant party going on over at The Shiny Pebble and what  better way to join in then to invite
 The Costume Designer -- Jacques Fath to design one of his innovative and unique creations and wear some of his extremely rare Iris Gris perfume
 During the postwar creative boom of early 50s -- France, had three fashion designers revolutionized couture:  One of which was Jacques Fath  who had become one third of the triumvirate known as "the big three" 
 Jacques Fath, Christian Dior, Pierre Balmain
Jacques Fath (French, 1912–1954) was a self-taught designer who learned his craft from studying museum exhibitions and books about fashion. 
 His stunning New Look gowns are brilliant investment pieces, making Fath a vintage designer to look out for.

 Jacques Fath created the  costumes for the greatest dance film ever made: The Red Shoes. After the release of this beautiful movie, Fath attained the status of celebrity of great prominence.
Ball gown, ca. 1951  
Jacques Fath (French, 1912–1954)
Black silk velvet with ivory silk satin, white mink, and gold metal trim.