Sunday, March 20, 2011

Morning Light

Silver sunlight streams
through the trees
carrying minute size 
droplets of  morning dew
beading upon 
jade tipped leaves 
and soft petal flowers
tremble in the breeze
while the swans swoon.



  1. It looks like Spring has Sprung! I hope you enjoy the beautiful warm days ahead of you. Think of us heading into Autumn and Winter!

    Best wishes always,

  2. Thanks for playing along with the Sunday 160, Joanny. Great word play.

  3. Tes photos sont magnifiques, Joanny! Je les aime toutes, mais une préférence personnelle pour la première. Ce soleil qui entre par la fenêtre, et qui éclaire ce bouquet de fleurs, me fait sentir une impression de grand bien-être.
    Bon début de semaine, Joanny!

  4. Hello Joany

    They are all beautiful, but i prefér the first one.... it's a very nice start of a brand new compliments.

    Wish you all the best.

    Hugs and greetings, Joop

    thanks for all your nice words....they make me a little bit shy.

  5. Hello again Joanny!

    I sure do hope you will be able to join in and link up your post dedicated to Japan. You are very welcome to use the button or you can just link up any way you want.

    If you ever want to join in with Sunday Song (the meme I host each Sunday) you would be very welcome to do that too. I think your poetry is very lyrical and musical and maybe you could even find a clip from youtube like Meditation music which would go beautifully with your amazing poetry!

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you will be back again soon!


  6. The first picture makes that I want to enjoy beauty of life!

  7. Spring is here.... well for the time being,
    It;s lovely to see the flowers, the birds and the wild life adorn the gardens.

    Thanks for a very uplifting post.


  8. I'm joining the swans over this one.<3

  9. A true spring packaged into a true post: wonderful poem and photographs. Do love the light of a peaceful morning. We're not see much of it here right now, but it will come.

    Thanks for all your lovely posts, Joanny.

  10. Very lovely words Joanny! Great images. I especially like the first one, the pink rose and the one of the two swans.

    ~ Tracy

  11. Beautiful pictures and words Joanny.
    Looks like spring is coming in through the window in the first picture:)
    Have a nice week.

  12. Beautiful series of photos to accompany this evocative poem. I love the second picture with these beautiful reflections of the bare tree. But it is all poetry. Greetings.

  13. Oh Joanny, You always have the most exquisite photos on your site. And you capture a Spring morning so sweetly. Just beautiful.

  14. Dear Joanny,

    How are you? My post yesterday somehow seemed to have the same sentiment here :) I really enjoyed the simple, beauty here. I always love my visits to you XO, Kelly

  15. Joanny, this piece created ripples in my mind. I find that the morning light has always given me different emotions on different days. Sometimes, the morning fills me with hope, sometimes nostalgia and sometimes punctuated sleep.

    Well, today waking up to the morning light, was a delight.

    Joy always,

  16. A restful place over here, a perfect start to my morning.

    Beauty is never to far from your touch Joanny!

    Keep touching it with your beauty Joanny, we need as much beauty the world can handle.

    Stay soulful

  17. Luscious!

    I saw swooning swans today, maybe even caught them in photos. I was just pointing and shooting.


  18. i just love these 2 pics of flowers.

  19. What a lovely presentation of pictures. The poem was just perfect. Thank you for stopping by and supporting Ian. You are right about it not being long ago when we had hand dug wells.

  20. I think I left off an L in the word Liked :)