Thursday, February 24, 2011

Swirls of Sensitivity

Who can daydream and pay attention 
to their dreams to the point 
where a certain charm arises from it 
and the world becomes endowed
through its wild innocence.  

The truth is I am lost in it. 
There is no question here of work, 
as my pen traces a few lines,
 the spectacle of nature distracts me, 

gently swirls around my feet
and submerges me in it. 

The End 

photo tumblr: dream sign;.baby chick, ribbon


  1. The first one is .....AMAZING....EXCELLENT
    ......BEAUTIFUL...... SUPERB !!

    my compliments Joanny.

    have a nice weekend.

    Greetings, Joop

  2. Joanny....
    My word you are passionate about Dreaming!
    And write so beautifully about it.
    Loved your 55.
    A Class Act.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  3. Tu as raison, Joanny, ces clichés font beaucoup de bien. Ils sont naturels. C'est la nature.
    Mais j'apprécie beaucoup la dernière photo, un peu moins naturelle, mais qui est un joli symbole, plein de sensualité...
    Bonne journée, Joanna!

  4. It is a good subject for the poem and aptly charcterizes the whole idea. Good job!

  5. Great pictures, especially the first and the last with those feet tied to symbolize the lack of personal freedom in contrast to the natural environment where everything is free no strings attached, except the scars left by people, I love this poem. A hug.

  6. I love the way you do a complete experience in pics and words.

  7. A wonderful write full of imaginary,

    Have a great week-end.


  8. smiles...i tend to get lost in it easy myself...sigh

  9. I come back to one of my fave blogs again yay!!

    Sorry, I have been keeping terribly occupied. Now kinda sorted- I hope I don't get more guests while lost thinking I'm done.. that's how Anthony North puts it across!

    I have always loved how your Blog template looks. This is another dreamer and a hopeless day- dreamer posting here..

    Love xxx

  10. it makes me think of anne shirley's favorite saying in "anne of green gables." it has much scope for the imagination.

  11. Those kind of distractions are the best ones, I think. Sometimes daydreams are not only beautiful, but necessary.

    Lovely, Joanny!

  12. I am impressed by your ability to create a narrative with pictures that are so amazingly apropos. That is a special talent. Do you find the images first, and use them as inspiration for your verse, or vice-versa?

  13. Joanny,
    this is so beautiful written, and the pictures makes it all complete.
    A poem that moves me in so many ways.
    Through dramatic changes in my life, daydreaming has been important to move on, and also looking for beauty in what ever surrounds me.
    Thanks for sharing beautiful words and pictures.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Warm hugs from,

  14. That innocence is fun to get lost in.

  15. The spectacle of nature distracts me...what a wonderful line! And how true it is. It is so hard not to get lost in nature and the wonder of it all; the miracle that it is; the true spirit and essence of it.

  16. "Wild innocence" - love that phrase.

  17. You ARE the spectacle of nature, Baby, and a wonderful artsy, loving one at that.

    Always a treat for the eyes, mind and heart here, Joanny.


  18. I love to put together photos and words and get lost in the beauty of the creation... that is a good kind of daydreaming, I think...

  19. Beautiful, Joanny.... dreams are ephimeral or maybe they are not... true that amzing natiure can distract the writer to this extent, where only she knows and can so eloquently describe.

  20. Lovely...both words and pictures. We should get distracted more often!

  21. Aaahh...such a beauty, Joanny! I am glad to see that you can immerse yourself so beautifully in your dreams... blessed are such souls.. thankfully, I too can...
    And quite frankly, I hope we stay this way.. :)
    A BEAUTIFUL and relaxing 55, my dear..