Thursday, February 17, 2011

In an Elevator Minute

I met him in an elevator minute
That’s all it took for the ride.

He turned to me and said 

"This was fun 
let's do it to again, sometime”
"When" - I replied?
 “ Find a way to me, said he.
We stood silently together
Listening to music 
From a different generation
The rest of the elevator minute ride.
 Friday Flash 55
Say your poem or prose in 55 words then link to FF 55

photo credits:  tumblr art deco elevator; 2nd photo 1411 4th Ave Seattle, Wa, 3rd Chrysler Building NYC;  4 &5 google random images.


  1. Un mini-roman d'amour, Joanny...
    Le fantasme de l'ascenseur, ou le suspense de croiser le regard d'une personne, sans se parler...
    Peut-être, qu'ensuite, vite, on va reprendre l'élévateur pour la retrouver?... Mais elle aura disparu...

  2. A most uplifting 55 :-)
    Enjoyed that.

  3. Hallo Joanny

    Iedere keer laat je me weer genieten van bijzonder mooie opnames, jou blog ziet er zo prachtig mooi en verzorgd uit, dus is 't steeds weer genieten van jou goede werk.

    Groetjes, Joop

  4. A lot said and unsaid in that elevator minute and a lot of story packed into this delightful flash 55

  5. ha. nice capture of the moment in the elevator...nice metaphor for many things...i would never want the nickname elevator minute

  6. I wanted this to go on! Awesome 55, Joanny.

  7. O'tis a beautiful poem Joanny!
    See..? You can be brilliant, romantic, and a bit whimsical in only 55 words!!
    Loved it...
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  8. I'm laughing at Anthony's reply :)

    My elevator rides are never that enjoyable - I loved this 55, Joanny!

  9. Wow! I enjoy those brief moments. They always leave a trail in the heart and mind. The closed doors. The pregnant silence. The smell of people having been there. The shiny buttons which glow and the feeling of going up and down.
    Well, I could go on.

    Have a lovely weekend, dear Joanny.

    Joy always,

  10. oh wow joanny - so much in an elevator ride..NICE!!

  11. The poetry is beautiful alone and I can read so many meaning into it (I choose sensual but I'm on a sensual kick lately) But poem enhanced with the photos and I'm in a state of near bliss. Great 55.

  12. Witty banter for your elevator minute. I sensed that their thread was lost after the connection though.

  13. Very romantic poem, and beautiful pictures:)
    Have a lovely day:)
    Warm hugs:)

  14. That rest of the ride minute could be so peaceful, or so uncomfortable.

  15. Lovely. I can't stand the silence of elevators. It is so uncomfortable.

  16. Elevators have always inspired prety stories of love... good weekend .

  17. Awww... that was, in my opinion, the sweetest and most romantic "Flash" ever!! I loved how you have placed those images in the perfect positions... like the elevator music one.. TOO GOOD!!

    Enjoyed this ride a lot, Joanny!

  18. very concise romantic story! Nice job

  19. Up and down life.

  20. Nice! I remember there were several elevator people I could have done more than smile at!
    nice and mysterious... thanks.

  21. Its a whole life minute, like a roller coaster!

  22. A very short romantic story but sweet regardless. : )

  23. Absolutely intriguing and...I think it would be soooo much fun Joanny, to aks your followers if they ever used the "stop" button and what kind of music selected. Ready "Chapter parte 2"
    Love ya,

  24. Oh, those elevator minutes! So much can happen in so little time...