Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Garden Gate

 It is easy to say you want to trust someone, however it is not an easy thing to do. I believe we all feel unsure when faced with the unknowns. That terrible uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, called fear.
However, each step we take is toward the unknown. I can only make the best choice in the moment with what I know to be true in my heart at the time. I am continually doing that cosmic dance with the unknowns , the should haves, what ifs.  Like a game of chess - two players on the board of the game of life - you move this way, I move that way, you advance, I retreat.

I envy those who can plan their lives in daily planner organizers. They always know where they are going to be next week at 2:00pm, or next month or even next year.  Some folks I know have their days mapped out in retirement, where they will live, travel to, how they will spend their leisure days, reading,  what movies they will watch.  I can only seem to manage to live one day at a time.
I made a choice in this moment to relax into the rhythm of life and choose to trust the Creator of this divine Universe that I will be taken care of, loved, feel safe, open to compassion toward other living sentient beings.
I struggle to understand the meaning of my small but not insignificant life, examining the tiniest detail; I  look to the secrets of nature through her plants, her animals, the wind , the rain, the sunshine that blesses us all.
Like a pile of newly hatched baby chicks huddling together against the cold, each interconnected, depending on each other for support, warmth, warning of danger -- that is the course of human connectedness, taking each others hand to care for, love, nurture support, trust each other.

That gentle dance we perform, holding the door open so we can come together in harmony and allow the miracles of our daily lives unfold like the rhythmic waves of the ocean meeting the shore.
 Life is filled with choices! Today, I will walk to the edge of the borders of my mind and learn to trust the gift  of the moment -- the gift from the Divine!

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  1. That was just beautiful Joanny! I love the pictures too...those little chicks are so cute...especially the one in the middle with a mo-hawk!
    There are so many beautiful moments to be found in nature! Have a lovely day Joanny

  2. this post is full of life,
    what a morning treat...lovely nature photos.
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Oh Joanny, that was beautiful. I too rely on the breath of the wind to blow me, seemingly only able to plan for the day or week. Such beautiful pictures You use to decorate your words with as well. Trust in the divine. I think that is the best path and try to hold heart for the path that unfolds. May your tomorrows be sweet and blissful.

  4. Another lovely outdoor wednesday stroll into your quiet thoughts ahd musings ... although I have to say I believe you are being more generous than honest when you say "I envy those who can plan their lives in daily planner organizers".

  5. Oh my gosh! I just love the photos of the chicks! The two with mohawks cracked me up! What a beautiful post Joanny. Although I sometimes have my days planned out, I more often than not take one day at a time.

    ~ Tracy

  6. Joanny~
    Thanks for stopping by and taking a walk with me for Outdoor Wednesday! Your photos are beautiful ~ are they from your garden? (Do you live near the ocean? Do you have chickens?) I am nosey, aren't I!
    We have lost some precious pets to coyotes, too! Though I don't like to shoot something I am not going to eat, it has come to the point of them or us! (not that they would attack people, but I must protect our critters.) It is only to be expected, though, when humans push ever farther into the wildlife's home territory.
    Ugh! Daily planners! I hardly know what I am doing the next hour let alone next year! Guess I live for the moment, so to speak!
    Thanks again for the visit!

  7. It seems that your dance is balanced and beautiful. Even though there is fear and unknowns in us all... we must learn to embrace it as a dance, a dance in the wind. We will grow on this place we call earth and we will dance under the stars no matter what. Thanks for sharing your heart, it is beautiful...

  8. Stopping in to say hi also. Enjoyed a first visit.

  9. Each and every one of the photos was a journey in its self! Stunning :) Thank you!

  10. I'm all with you! And I'm practicing to live in the here and now. I found when I did plan my life it came from fear, and I no longer want to nurture that. One reason why I love the sea so much is because it represents that open life to me ..., now I just have to trust it!

    Maya @ Daily Vitamin Sea

  11. Beautiful gate and flowers -- and what breed are those mohawk chicks?

    Wonderful thoughts as well!

  12. Just gorgeous pictures! I love your outlook on life. We all need to slow down and smell the roses! Thanks for stopping by new blog! My boys enjoyed the garden more than they would ever let me know!! I am sure yours appreciate it too!

  13. oh joanny, this is stunning, both the words and the photos! when i read your post this morning i knew right away that i was going to share this with my granddaughter. she struggles with keeping things inside, following after her moms' model of being the empowered woman who can do it all without batting an eyelash. but i'd like to remind her that there is a better way to live her life, our lives! you stated it so beautifully- our every day confession of the One who loves us, and the gift of having others in our lives.

  14. I think I prefer to wake up to your morning post than to mine..
    very evocative...

  15. Lovely iamges - great outdoor post. My faves? the two with water droplets - nicely captured!

    Gena D
    Thinking Aloud

  16. It is great to be organized but life is full of unexpected things.

  17. ooooh soooo PRETTY... and LOVE the little chicks!

  18. I enjoyed your prose and photographs, Joanny. Your peonies are lovely and those chick so wonderfully brand new!

  19. Thank you so much for coming to get me... I needed to read this post tonight. I just took a deep breath of gratitude. I love you :)

  20. Hi Joanny,

    What a lovely post....I'm visiting for Outdoor Wednesday...I love the idea of adding the pump and tube to spray a mist from the birdbath!

    Thanks so much for dropping by for a's nice to meet you.

    Have a wonderful day...

    Stephanie ♥

  21. A wonderful post, and I can relate to the planner thingy..I too keep a planner to help me know where I suppose to be, but as far as planning for life. There is no such thing for me.

  22. Hello Joanie, Hear is my hand, and I will do a little dance with you and hug you when you cry. We are connected Kiddo. Yvonne
    That was some awesome writing.
    ps.. I just tagged you so go to my site..

  23. HELLO JOANIE ,, you have just been tagged..........
    go to my post and scroll down to next post...yvonne

  24. lovely words and lovely images!


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