Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crazy Busy

Crazy-busy is a term coined by psychiatrist Edward M. Hallowell to describe the stressed state many people experience due to our modern age of information overload, high tech communication, and busy schedules. Currently I am in Grad school and I was experiencing information overload, my mind could not cram one more piece of information into it. 

This is a time when I need to turn my attention to the most inward aspects of my life and refresh, recharge and rejuvenate.

I know of no better way to recharge then align myself 
with mother nature and
to the majestic natural beauty of this area in which I live.
Mt Hood @ Lewis and Clark campus
From some deep place within me I experienced --
One perfect moment of rose-colored lavender joy. .
 And  took time to appreciate . . . .one simple delight, ... one droplet of moisture, .. that  held the light
still sparkle; ....  one small creature with wings most divine ...
I must admit a propensity to worship in the natural world, 
It is alive with pure energy with the power to recharge the body, mind, and spirit. 
Silver Creek South Falls-standing under the falls
 Just when I think my days are predictable - something extraordinary happens - 
I stand in awe of the water colored sky.  
Too many people miss the opportunity of standing under the rainbow because they were expecting gold.
Today I listened and I heard the sound of one small flower,  opening up and beginning its life
A Moment In Time
"I held a moment in my hand, brilliant as a star, fragile as a flower, A tiny silver of one hour.
I dripped it carelessly, Ah! I didn't know, I held opportunity. " 
~Hazel Lee~
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  1. your post is simply stunning and it's hardly a wonder that you come out of you 'crazybusy' as well as you do, what with the insight to stop, take a good long deep breath, and looking outside of all the chaos. best of luck as you pursue your education, it'll be worth it...

  2. Jo I love your post & I totally get what you mean about the energy of the earth.
    Even when I have had some of the worst times.. a quick drive to the seashore or the up to the mountains brings me so much peace. It's just so therapeutic!
    We have such a beautiful world...even the clouds can bring peace. In my youth I walked around blinded to this beauty. I knew it was there and appreciated it but not like I do these days. Now it is like I have been switched on & I love what I am seeing!
    Have a great Jo & thanks for this beautiful post!

  3. You are so right, this is what we (I) should do! Being retired I thought I would have all my time doing "nothing" and enjoy it, but my days are really busier than ever, maybe good in one way, but.... I should take care!

    The rainbow photo is just fantastic!

  4. This was just beautiful. I, too, am a nature lover. The photo of the rainbow was my favorite.
    Mama Bear

  5. Joanny.. I think the best way to forget the stress and all the information or disinformation with which we are hit.. is to look at your posts, read the words and enjoy the beautiful photographs.
    Thank you for making my day.

  6. Wonderful descriptions, I was lost in that world...nature truly is the greatest of all muses, her beauty is incomparable to anything else.

  7. That first quote about aligning oneself is so true. Thanks for visiting my blog, fellow Oregonian ;)

  8. I love your post, Jo
    Amazing Pics!
    Thanks for visiting my page :)
    Short Poems

  9. Wow, the ladybug and rainbow pictures are incredible Joanny. What a great way to stop and recharge. I can feel the healing just looking at the photos. Peace

  10. Wonderful photos! the best way to recharge is to stop and pay attention to one little bit of nature. But you know that...

  11. This was a wonderful trip, I wish I was at these spots for real..Love the Lady bug shot.. yvonne
    Rush, rush, I am hearing you

  12. I completely agree with you about the wonder of nature. Just to be able to go out and enjoy the beauties of what the earth is given, was enough to recharge my mind..

    Thanks for visiting.

  13. I hope you are re-charge, re-energize, and re-new in spirit and body. Wish you luck with your studies.

  14. Joanny, you are blessed with such beautiful natural surroundings near you, an outer landscape to comfort you and a soulful inner landscape to know how to receive those blessings

  15. Great post! I know what you mean. When I need to recharge I tune into the beauty of nature. I feel especially recharged when I spend quiet time on or near the water. I have always been in awe of the Earth's beauty.

    Thank you for the beauty you bring to us through your words and photographs.

    ~ Tracy

  16. I love that shot of the rainbow. It is so good! Did you take the photo? Love the sentiment here too...all sentient beings! That is what I am trying to get to. Hard work, isn't it!

  17. You've been tagged, and I hope you will join the fun!


    awards 4 u,
    happy Monday!

  19. Your photos take my breath away.


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