Sunday, November 7, 2010


Once youthful 
now hath grown old
with character, charm  & cherished memories
the history of it all
without trying to be anything
other than what it is 
at the heart of its architectural soul.
* * * *
 * * * *
 *I can't help reminiscent, on how I came upon 
this beautiful weathered stone Lake House-
While casually exploring, looking for the view,
the path wound in and out along the shoreline. 

Making my way around the bend 
across an ancient bridge 
and down the stone steps, it felt oddly familiar.
I suppress a shiver, the Lake House 
is drenched in radiant light
looking like some mythic fen 
at the edge of the world.
I knew at once
that I would paint the scene;
*It stirred my soul*
 The End

photos 1-5 boat house that is situated on its own private island in Lake Oswego, Portland Oregon.
This most unusual boathouse, designed by architect, Richard Sundeleaf, in 1933, is constructed of stones, sculptured turrets, wrought iron gates and exposed beam interiors. Inside, on an old stone bench, the owner can sit, look at the lake, and beyond see an unimpeded view of Mount Hood.
photo 7 tim walker - girl in sail boat