Thursday, April 8, 2010

Together - Magpie # 9

one long version and one short version or version of a Haiku? for my Son

How do you explain
having never seen her face
and yet I know the shape of her lips,
the color shine so bright
even on a cloudy day
in the air lingers sweetly her perfume,

As I sit by the edge of the forest
listening to the wind make music,
water ripples slowly by
my vision becomes hazy
dreamy images float in the mist

As I step through to a timeless place
while all doubts gave way to possibilities
where we once walked together in this fairy tale kingdom
image from La Belle Dame Sans Merci.Based upon a poem by John Keats
Where Kings and Queens Rule
there was a knight for every fair maiden
and ne'er a dragon was slain
  I find the simplest answers awakened
to the force of nature pulsing through me,
feeling oneness 
with milady's shining lips and sweet perfume

Chocolate covered lips
dripping chins with fudge surprise
laughing and dancing with no music in a water colored sky 

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