Friday, February 5, 2010


Here in the Northwest it isn't too early to be thinking of planting for the spring garden, most of our winters are fairly mild,  but it is still to early to use a rototiller the soil is mostly wet and damp. 
My plants have been resting all winter long under a bed of rich compost that nurtures and protects them through the cold, wet winter months.  There is a sense of continuance that I count on each year with the first sign of spring. Dormant life stirs in my garden.
Old favorites planted a couple of years ago pop their lovely heads up and open wide to the sun.
A fragrant bush planted by the front walkway scents  
the air greeting all those who come to my door.
A pretty faerie ring pops up around the base of the tree
I disturb the tree by poking around  the roots-- and it wakes up from its long winter nap
I climb up the ladder with my saw to prune some unwieldy looking branches when I spot
a very beautiful  empty nest  left behind from last years fledgling's --
Curious that I am by nature -- 
I look inside thinking it was empty and startled  from my find -- 
 image found on Country French Antiques
All other images by Joanny
The lovely inhabitant inside the nest leaped out and 
disappeared inside the tree not wishing to be seen or caught no doubt. 
 Lady Wisteria  not wanting to be outdone 
by Mister Tree 
shakes her head,  a cool breeze carries her laughter to the top 
of her long tendrils wrapped around the deck
a whispering is heard in the wind 
There is magic afoot 
in Milady's Garden and down falls a gift - 
Landing at my feet --