Saturday, January 9, 2010

The lost love letters . . .and the kiss that lasted a life time!

In the movie French Kiss starring Meg Ryan (Kate) 
and Kevin Kline who plays the sexy Frenchman (Luc) 
Kate asks Luc: do you believe in love, the kind that lasts for ever? 
 The question is, one man meant for one woman?

Luc is not convinced that love can last forever -he tells Kate it is a fairy tale for little girls.
Kate says: Everybody thinks they have the answer until one day . . .
Something Happens!--

That was what it was like for my father, John, it was love at first sight 
when he met my mother Rose for the very first time.
He Knew.  She was the one! 

Like Luc-- my mother needed convincing -- it was wartime 
passions ran high,
Though she wondered is this meant to last a lifetime?
My father thought if only Rosie would let him kiss her,
He believed as Kate did that the romance is in the kiss. 
Rosie and Johnny
Their love lasted for fifty years till my father passed on and my mother followed a few years later.
All illustration were drawn by my father shown here on the original envelopes that 
were sent through 
the  U.S. Postal service