Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Then and Now

It comes it goes
Like water flowing
Like the wind that blows
Like a leaf but not a leaf
Lies discarded by the road,

Now --
after the morning rain,
what is left? 
But drop after drop 
of parted lover’s tears, 
bitterness dissolved  - 
a strange peace flows through me
Then.. .
I think about the tangle 
of wounded tendrils, the thorns, 
often go unnoticed
until they draw crimson red blood. 
oh the passion and the pain -
the reality behind the lover’s dance
reflected in the mirror world of the water,

Who or what will give me the power 
to transform the mirror into a doorway 
that opens into a pure living intimacy ? 

to turn 

the Now into
a shared timeless happiness 
Not for us now, perhaps never for us
I gaze as if in an eternal trance as
droplets of water 
sprinkled by swaying branches
fall off in perfect elegance
forming hundreds of tiny ringlets 
in the deep dark waters 

White clouds overhead deceives us
with its calm mirror reflection,
the sky has its own threat
hidden behind its delusion
with its soothing  water colors,
lays above our head
with  a scent of uncertainty

we both now realize 
that we had gone too far
to ever find our way back.

photos: fffound 1,2, 8, 9
#3 rodney smith
#4 tumblr underwater ballet
#5 Istanbul underwater hotel
#7 tumblr -Hermes


  1. Beautiful post. Your poetry and photos run very deep . . . sad but beautiful. Hopeful, not hurtful. Love is always worthwhile.

  2. this is lovely...a wide range of emo from the discarded leaf to intimacy of water to lost in love? nice one shot joanny

  3. I can not find the right words for this fantastic serie Joanny,

    so i say it's beautiful.

    greetings, Joop

  4. But drop after drop
    of parted lover’s tears - that really got me! Lovely words as always and such depth.

  5. Joanny, I've missed visiting you and am completely taken with what you've written. You always reach the soul's essence.

  6. Beautiful poem, and sad Joanny. Love can be the best and the worst that happens to you sometimes in life...
    Greetings from,


  7. Agree... this is truly beautiful.

  8. Truly beautiful.
    In my never fails...we disappoint love.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Here's mine:

  9. Beautiful's really a nice combination of emotions,nature and words...which makes an attractive chain of our hearts.
    Best wishes.

  10. Oh my!! A plethora of emotions flowed here... but then, that's EXACTLY how love really is...
    I really liked the pace of this poem.. sometimes it quickened, sometimes it slowed down.. it was juts perfect, Joanny!

  11. I don't know how you make it text wise, image wise, but it's fantastic, a pure pleasure to watch and read! ... and finally, I don't know how to comment, what to say! :-)

  12. Exquisite.... all of it.

  13. Joanny
    just came back from your "neck of the woods"

    this piece excels as it takes words and pictures and makes them float into an ethereal composition

  14. Lovely as always. Like all the white.

    Am playing with the "mirror as doorway." Nice!

  15. Wonderful love poem, with beautiful rich, deep poetic images.

  16. beautiful imagery and beautiful words.

  17. Great words you put on your poem, and I liked the photos you also placed to interpret it. Congratulations on a job well done! :)

  18. Joannie, this is so beautiful.. Need to write a little book..
    Thinking of you. yvonne