Friday, March 12, 2010

A Delicate Secret -

A Delicate Secret 
magpie 5
by the dowsers daughter
cape cod statue
She held in her hand a  delicate  secret,
dare she tell all?
There are volumes told about holding a secret
the challenge of it all;
google image 
Remaining mysterious
savoring all the delicious unknowns;
I am drawn without reason
as I ponder the secrets;
Birth of Venus (1863) Baron Friedrich von Hardenberg
The waves lap at the shore
extended like an outstretched hand;
A gentle dance, filling me
  with a delicate passion;
Russo Fiorentino Madonna and saints 
While we share a private moment-
Pondering the mysterious beauty
held by the eternal mystery of the soul. 

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  1. This is a wonderful post Joanny, quite rich in content, both visual and written - well done! :-)

    Thank you for visiting me at Image & Verse...

  2. Joanny,
    I can't thank you enough for your wonderful comments on our exciting college news... it means the world to me!! Thank you so much for your congratulations and you are so right about having him in California... whew!!!
    Have a beautiful weekend my lovely friend!
    ~xo always

  3. Joanny! A piece of heart... a sweet morsel of romance...!!
    To read your work is to soar as a turtledove ...floating on heaven's currents, racing with cupid among the clouds!!!

  4. Such beautiful word pictures, wonderfully written


  5. This post is sweet and mysterious.

  6. Oh so lovely, enchanting! Nicely done with the photos leading up to this week's prompt.

  7. You pulled it all together so well..beautiful!!

  8. beautiful verse...wonderful mysteries to delve...great magpie!

  9. Where I saw and felt dark emotion, you offered us beauty for this photo. Very nicely written!

  10. Wow, a soaring prose helped aloft by such stunning visual acuteness. It "sang" to me if that makes any sense at all. wonderfully well done.

  11. Great photos to illustrate your beautiful words. Lovely read.

  12. You left a comment on my blog regarding dancing with Mikhail Baryshnikov. My friend, leader of our meditation group and my Pilates instructor, Ellen Simonis, danced with him on stage when she was with a New York ballet company. The photo is in her studio and is amazing.

    I just noticed in your profile that you are from Oregon. I am from Redding California a little over an hour south of the Oregon border.

  13. What a lovely meditational prose on that image....nice one, Joanny....

  14. Little secrets are meant to be shared. Lovely.

  15. Dear Joanny,
    I absolutely adore the prayer of gratefulness you left on my blog. I have never heard it before and I cherish it. Gratitude is my only prayer and those words you left me describe the attitude of gratitude so perfectly. I will treasure it always as well as the person who sent it to me!! You are a treasure, sweet Joanny!

  16. Hi Joanny, Yes, that's a very lyrical piece of writing. I particularly like the placement of adjective and noun - delicious unknown, mysterious beauty, delicate passion.

  17. really lovely! I enjoyed your words and pictures very much. Had to reread it several times :)

  18. I love the way you begin, "She held in her hand a delicate secret." You pull the reader straight into the poem. Nicely done!

  19. Hi Joanny. Such a soothing lovely! Merci, Trish

  20. Love this dreamlike story Joanny. Especially the delicate secret held in her hand - I'm taken with the idea of a hand as a vessel.