Sunday, November 7, 2010


Once youthful 
now hath grown old
with character, charm  & cherished memories
the history of it all
without trying to be anything
other than what it is 
at the heart of its architectural soul.
* * * *
 * * * *
 *I can't help reminiscent, on how I came upon 
this beautiful weathered stone Lake House-
While casually exploring, looking for the view,
the path wound in and out along the shoreline. 

Making my way around the bend 
across an ancient bridge 
and down the stone steps, it felt oddly familiar.
I suppress a shiver, the Lake House 
is drenched in radiant light
looking like some mythic fen 
at the edge of the world.
I knew at once
that I would paint the scene;
*It stirred my soul*
 The End

photos 1-5 boat house that is situated on its own private island in Lake Oswego, Portland Oregon.
This most unusual boathouse, designed by architect, Richard Sundeleaf, in 1933, is constructed of stones, sculptured turrets, wrought iron gates and exposed beam interiors. Inside, on an old stone bench, the owner can sit, look at the lake, and beyond see an unimpeded view of Mount Hood.
photo 7 tim walker - girl in sail boat


  1. it is a gorgeous lake all the stone work...and what a lovely way to get there as well...romantic....

  2. Excelent pictures Joanny.

    Have a nice sunday.

    Greetings, Joop

  3. Great pictures Joanny! i am really the stone when it nearly speak about the architectural love that made it with beauty..i have worked a lot with stones and architectural elements, of all people i do know how much stories they unfold in such intimate silence..beautiful post darling..:)

    love always

  4. I shuddered too. It's eerie yet strangely inviting. From the overhead angle it looks like a miniature child's toy.

    Great 160 and 55. I joined in this week over here.

  5. A truly wonderful house, one could easily get inspiration for writing there. The pics were breathtaking.


  6. I love your painting.

    I can't believe the is a real place. I want to live there.

  7. This is so beautiful Joanny, and I just love the painting.
    Yoy're really a great artist in your soul I believe.
    Warm hugs from me:)

  8. double treats.
    so perfectly done.

  9. Joanny- I know this house! One of my kids used to mow the lawn here...and I have kayaked around it! Great post!

  10. The last one is my favourite - exellent light - Well done

  11. At first glance, I thought it was a stone model and then after reading through the entire post, I realised it was a real one. What splendid stone building. True, every piece has the architect's soul within it. I loved the painting as well. While the real building stirred certain emotions, the painting worked another way within me. I felt two different stirrings while seeing the same two pieces. I wonder what it is . . .

    Joy always,

  12. this is really like a fairy tale!

  13. We used to live not far from the Lake House. Walked the dog by it almost daily. It is inspiring, isn't it. Thanks for this wonderful 160 contribution.

  14. Beautifully stunning sequence of photos, paintings of the lake is great.

  15. beautiful..i esp. liked..without trying to be anything
    other than what it is ..not only a poem about a beautiful house - but also a deep message..nice

  16. Wow. just beautiful Joanny. words and photos. I don't doubt it is familiar, as I would feel at home there with all the rocks, trees and water. mmm

  17. as always, a beautiful and rich post! I know of a fairytale house near us which emulates this one. I love the first stanza, a metaphor for the wise sages we become....

  18. Thanks for sharing the images and verse. The boat house looks like something out of a fairy tale.

  19. It is like a dream, how beautiful, wish I could st there and paint, or even a picnic would be delightful. Such a beautiful place, it feels like you.


  20. what a lovely place :D
    thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! i'm happy you liked my blog! there's a give-away :D

    xoxo from rome

  21. Truly magical, Joanny! What a find. Thought it was in Europe until your description. Ahh, magical. Thanks for transporting me today!


  22. Such simple lines, yet so elegant.

  23. Such beautiful paintings and soulful story! Your blog is quite magical and peaceful. I love all your beautiful photos too!
    Cheers, Linda

  24. I didn't know something that beautiful can really exist.

  25. to live...
    to dwell...
    to breath...
    to nest...

    all these cocoons are my sanctuary.
    so glad that in those rooms of peace, i can still read your words and keep them tucked in my heart !

  26. Thank you all for leaving such beautiful comments, I appreciate you all.

    Maha -- I thought so too, only in my dreams and there it was, ..

    Muse, you are walking, breathing poetry my friend, love all you write.


  27. Joanny...
    You My Dear are a wonderful gift to us all..

  28. Thanks Galen,

    An endearing and lovely compliment from you.


  29. How simply gorgeous. Thanks for bring joy this heart. I just love the poems and the lake house speaks to the soul. No wonder you felt compelled to write about it. Good job, Joanny.

    Hope all is going well with school. I know it's a long haul, as they say. Phew! Thinking of you and wishing you all good things.

  30. Joany,
    It was really amazing and wonderful post.I think i reached very right movement to read this post.At the time of reading i felt the beauty of your words and pictures in my heart.Lovely post.
    With best wishes.